You Always Have Options

A calendar page from the 2016 Dr. Wayne Dyer calendar for February 1st:

“Your corner of freedom, even when others are manipulating or imprisoning you, is your ability to choose the thoughts you have within your mind.”

Sound familiar?

There are always options regarding how you/we view situations, issues–things in our lives that we feel we have no control over.

(Please, take the time to mull this over in your mind . . . and heart.)

Let’s begin to change our thoughts together and see if, perhaps, our thoughts can change the situations we find ourselves in.

You might be saying, “Yeah, right!  My thoughts can’t change the tangible elements in my life in my favor.”  And my response to this is, “Yes they can!”

I know this because of all the books I’ve read, videos I’ve seen AND because of personal experience.  You see, THOUGHTS are THINGS as Mike Dooley at will help you understand.  Thoughts are energy . . . EVERY THING is ENERGY!

If you don’t believe me, it’s certainly understandable because I didn’t always believe the way I do.  I had to research and read and find out for myself.  If you want to open your mind and you like to learn about new things, there’s so much out there for you to delve into.  If you don’t, then just pretend that your thoughts are extremely powerful and manifest in your life over time and see what happens.  Let’s call it an experiment and begin to think and focus on something you want in your life except, with a twist, visualize that it’s already a part of your every day living.  Smell it, hear it, taste it, describe it with as much detail as you can imagine and FEEL what it feels like to have this in your life.  Let me know what happens!  Again, don’t pretend that it’s on its way; believe that it has already arrived.  You, my friend, are on your way to finding your joy and anything else that you’ve come to experience on this planet.

By the way, did I mention that you are on this planet for a reason?  That’s for another blog another day.

You are loved!




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