A warm WELCOME to YOU–my inspiration!

You made it!  Welcome!

I’ve been knowing for some time that you would find me, yet I had not prepared the means for you to even know that I exist.  It’s taken many comments from friends, co-workers and professors over the years to bring me to this moment of creating an opportunity for YOU to learn from my experience of being in a physical body.  It took all this time for me to believe in me and now it’s time for you to believe in YOU!

Do you ever feel disconnected?  Perhaps you feel like you don’t belong?  And it doesn’t really matter if your particular family unit is functioning well or well enough or hardly functioning at all–you still feel all alone?  This was me from at least elementary school through college and beyond.

Do some people in your life describe you with labels such as depressed? moody? loner? weird? different? strange? black sheep? . . . you get the picture.  Has anyone ever sat down with you and said, “Is there something on your mind?”  “You seem to be unhappy.  Can we talk about how you’re feeling?”  No one ever did that for me.  I know now that it’s because they didn’t know any better; that it was out of their fear that the only thing they knew to do was to call attention to the object of their fear (me) with an adjective to compartmentalize me in the hopes that their fear would go away.  I now understand them and their motivations (misplaced concern) and hold no bitterness or resentment toward them.  No one can do for you what they haven’t already learned so, guess what?  You get to be the first in your family to break patterns that you are living with every day–patterns that keep you stuck and feeling hopeless; patterns that make you question, “Why am I even here?”  “What’s the point!”  “What can I offer my Self or others that has any value?”  “What is my purpose?”

You see?  You’re not alone afterall.  Many people can relate to what you’re experiencing.  So, know this for today.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR STUCKNESS.

My goal and commitment to you is to write something every day so that you can share in my wisdom and life experience.  Whatever you take from it, I will leave up to YOU and The Universe!  The Universe has a way of taking care of the details once we tap into it and, somehow, The Universe (call it what you will) brought you here.

I AM so happy to make your acquaintance!

You are loved beyond measure and my dream is that you will, one day, FEEL that LOVE in every cell of your being!

Experiment of The Week:  Begin to replace negative thoughts with POSITIVE statements.

Thought:  “I can’t do anything right.”

Positive statement:  “I am good at __________. “

(Examples:  being a friend/daughter/son/brother/sister/uncle/aunt, reading, rapping, dancing, listening, being kind to animals, doodling, brushing my teeth, telling jokes, expressing myself in healthy ways (art, writing, poetry, dance, talking, texting, photographs…), doing the dishes, keeping my room neat and clean, making nachos, music, skateboarding, running…)




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